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Wilbur & Lucy's
Little (Lola) Girl then
Pee Wee Lives in
Canada W Cheryl

I live in Vancouver
I live in North Carolina!
I live in Missouri
Wilbur & Cujos Boy: BlueWith Blue Eyes
BlueWith Brown Eyes
Mommmm !!!! He hit me !!
But we kissed and made up
Girl Power !!
Mr. Blue Eyes
Baby Bella
Mr. Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes
Shhhhh !!! Babies
Need Their Rest
email me
Our Pee Wee now Cheryl's Pork Chop...Wondering why Boston's aren't classified as water dogs
You are just BIG boned. There is more of you to love, Darling
Thanks for the new
toy mom!
Honest Mom !!
We havent done
anything - Yet
What an
awesome little man
Lola Now. 
Baby Ditto
Baby Dollup & Baby Ditto
Dinner is served at what time around here?
Good human service is so hard to find
Our first Litter of all
Color, Color, Color
Blue, Blue Brindle and Champagne all in one litter
Lola's beautiful baby
Kira & Bandana's Beautiful Baby
Wilbur & Cujos Boy is growing up into an awesome little man.
Lettin' sleeping dogs Lay
Lets Play !!
Lola's Little Sisters
Midgies Boy
Little Pippy
Oliver :4 Months Old
Oliver :7 Months Old
Eloise...enjoying Life
Honest. I didnt eat any thing
Lil Miss Kashmir
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